Gardenplast Strong

Gardenplast Strong

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Product Description

Mesh: 101,6 x 50,8 mm

Diameter : 2,0/2,5 mm

Gardenplast Strong is a welded wire fence with vertical rectangular mesh. This wire fence is welded from galvanized wires with a low carbon content and the wire fence is plastic coated after welding, resulting in double protection against rust. Colour: green Ral 6005 and black Ral 9005. The horizontal wires are provided with shrinkage, always in the middle of the mesh, this promotes resistance of the wire and better water drainage. For strengthening purposes the top as well as the bottom have two extra horizontal wires; the distance between the wires is 25.4 mm (1"). The distance between the other horizontal wires is 101.6mm (4"). The distance between the vertical wires is 50.8 mm (2"). Core 2.0 mm; outer diameter 2.5 mm tolerances according to EN 10218-2. The tensile strength of the vertical wires is at least 650 N/mm2. Due to the wire thickness and the extra top and bottom wire this wire fence is extremely suitable for areas where a strong partition is required. We automatically advise this Strong version for heights over 150 cm.

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