Chain link fence plastic coated 50x3.0
Technical specifications
  • Plastic coated chain link fence, is a woven wire fence with diagonal mesh. This wire fence is made from plastic coated wires provided with a galvanized core, resulting in double protection against rust.
  • This fence is available in various colours
  • Ral 6005 - green
    Ral 6073 - green
    Ral 6009 - green
    Ral 9005 - black
    Ral 7016 - anthracite
  • The size of the mesh varies, the most frequent mesh sizes are 40 mm, 45 mm 50 mm and 60 mm.
  • The tolerances for the mesh size and height are established in norm EN 10223-6.
  • The wire thickness can also vary. The most frequent wire thickness is: 1.5/2.4 mm 1.8/2.7 mm 2.0/3.0 mm
  • The tolerances for these sizes are determined by norm EN 10218-2.
  • The first size is always the diameter of the galvanized core and the second size is the outer diameter of the plastic coated wire.
  • The tensile strength of the wires must be at least 650 N/mm2 to obtain optimal strength of the barrier.
  • The top and bottom of this fence can be formed by a bended knot or barbed wire.
  • The rolls can be rolled up in a normal winding or as compact rolls. The outer edges of the rolls are packaged in foil for protection.

Chain link fence plastic coated 50x3.0

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