Welded wires stainless steel

Welded wires stainless steel

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Stainless steel 316 and 304

Welded mesh, Welded from stainless steel wire. This provides optimum rust protection. Stainless steel is available in 2 qualities of stainless steel 304 and or stainless steel 316. Tolerances on the wire thickness according to EN 10218-2. Tolerances on the meshes and the tensile strength of the wires according to EN 10223-4. Shear strength of the weld seam according to EN 10223-4. We supply this product with meshes between 6.35 and 25.4 mm with various wire thicknesses. Our products are therefore also suitable for numerous industrial applications and various hobby purposes.

The major difference between 304 and 316 material is in the composition. Stainless steel 316 contains 2% molybdenum, which makes the material more resistant to crevice and stress corrosion and pitting corrosion.

Stainless steel 316 consists of 16% chromium and 10% nickel, supplemented with 2% molybdenum. Due to its higher nickel percentage and the addition of 2% molybdenum, it is more resistant to chlorides and corrosion than stainless steel 304. Because molybdenum is a precious raw material, stainless steel 316 is more expensive than stainless steel 304.

This is why Gio chooses Welded wires stainless steel

RVS 316 and 304

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