INALTO vertical garden wall L100xD32xH100cm
Technical specifications

+ high-quality material guarantees longevity & sustainability: if necessary, individual parts can be easily exchanged and replaced even after several years of use

+ 1.5 mm thick German quality steel

+ Quick, easy & intuitive assembly

The half-height privacy screen has one side with four continuous planting fields (0.57 m² planting area) with a footprint of only 0.32 m² and a capacity of approx. 150 l planting soil. When filled, INALTO is demonstrably stable (34 kg INALTO + 150 kg wet soil) and can additionally be anchored into the ground at the feet or weighted in with plates. We recommend that you fill in a drainage layer at the very bottom. As long as the vertical bed is not poured over massively, water leakage in the floor area is kept within limits. The bottom of the bed is slightly raised and drains water to the left and right to avoid waterlogging in and under the vertical bed. This means that if it is placed on the balcony, for example, you can wipe underneath at any time, air can get to it and permanent wetness under the steel bottom is prevented. If you are still anxious, simply place a standard plant tray underneath (117 x 40 x 5 cm) for extra protection.

Good to know: INALTO's added value is the continuous planting field, and yes, that is intentional! This gives you the opportunity to grow deep-rooted plants such as potatoes. So do not be surprised that only one base is supplied and that the individual planting trays are not separated from each other by their own bases. When filling, it is best to stop a finger's breadth below the edge of the tray, either compact the soil manually or let the soil settle for a few days. It will still slip a little. Only plant afterwards and do not go all the way to the edge with the soil, because otherwise water can spill over when watering enthusiastically, especially at the beginning, and possibly carry away loose soil. If everything is observed this is not a problem.

Our regional Lake Constance Douglas fir is resistant to weather and environmental influences and is naturally fungus and insect resistant. If you want to avoid the wood turning grey, it is best to oil the wood regularly to preserve the colour. 

No waste: The Douglas fir can be easily composted at the end of its life if left unpainted. The steel is 100% recyclable and can be returned to the material cycle.

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INALTO vertical garden wall L100xD32xH100cm

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