PLantable robot mower garage

PLantable robot mower garage

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Product Description

The optimal protection for your robotic lawnmower

+ equipped with a plant tray with two drainage holes that prevent waterlogging

+ high quality zinc-aluminium steel wire mesh, absolutely frost-proof & durable

+ pre-assembled kit, conveniently packaged

From now on also with two open sides for free passage! The charging station must be installed on the inside so that the robot can drive into the garage independently and automatically. You should not do without a robotic lawnmower garage - this protects your robot from extreme weather conditions such as fading due to UV rays or extreme moisture and you extend its service life. Depending on how you prefer it, the garage can either be a real eye-catcher or blend in with its surroundings without attracting too much attention. There are no limits to your creativity. 
For robotic mowers with side docking station.

Outer dimension: 85 x 95 x 53 cmInterior dimension: 65 x 95 x 40 cmPlanting area: 64 x 74 x 10 cm (49 l of soil needed for the planter)

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