Como gabion
Technical specifications

Como triangle : art. 5150555

Como cube : art. 5150553

Como half-basic : art. 5150557

Como basic : art. 5150550

Como long basic : art. 5150558

Como parasole : art. 5150542

Como postale : art. 5150541 ---> comes WITH pincer. Pincer will be invoiced seperately.

Como postale : art. 5150541-T ---> comes WITHOUT pincer.

The gabion is a The gabion is a kind of basket made out of zinc-alu wires. You can fill up the gabion with rocks and stones, this will give a decorative effect, this way a natural border is created. You can also fill up the gabion with soil to plant for instance ivy, which after growing will cover the gabion. The gabions are easy to build and to install. When smaller stones are desired, you can use our welded wire mesh 6,35 mm to place against the inside of the welded panels; this way the smaller stones will not roll outside the gabion due to too big meshes. The gabions are stackable, to improve stability you should stack them brick wise. The 6 panels are to be attached together with galvanized clips. The attachment anchors are needed to keep the panels together because of the weight of the stones.


The gabions still need to be put together. Carefully follow our instructions (see below) to ensure a sturdy and durable construction. Don't forget to have all the necessary materials and tools on hand before you start the job. Good luck with assembling the gabions!

Como gabion

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