Compostsilo 80 x 80cm

Compostsilo 80 x 80cm

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Product Description

Plastic coated
Galvanized core
Including 4 locking hooks, green plastic coated, galvanized core
Mesh 50 x 50 mm
Packaging: per piece with label clearly stating the size, barcode and use

Any time of the year is a good time to start building your compost pile. Collect your garden and kitchen waste and put it in alternating layers on the compost pile. By using waste from your own garden, you will produce valuable humus for your plants. An additional advantage is that you will have to put less garden and kitchen waste in your green bin.
The micro-organisms that convert your waste into compost do not thrive in an acid environment. There is, however, natural acidification in the pile, but this can be neutralised by adding fast acting lime.

Tips for successful composting

  • Choose a good location for the compost pile, preferably in partial shade

  • Mix your compost materials in the right proportions. The proportion of green material (e.g. grass and fresh vegetable waste) to brown material (coarse, woody material) should be approximately 3:1

  • Make a layer of approximately 25 cm. Mash down coarser material and mix it with the rest

  • Add a handful of fast acting lime to counter acidification

  • A compost maker can be used for an accelerated and healthy composting process

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